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My latest international thriller novel, ONCE A KILLER, was published in the summer of 2014. Within weeks, it became a top five best selling financial thriller at Amazon.

Michael Hoffman has come a long way from his deprived childhood in Chicago’s south side. Now he’s a young, successful partner in a major New York law firm, handling some of its clients’ most prestigious M&A deals. With a beautiful wife, and two young daughters who look up to him, he has built the perfect life.

But Michael has a secret: one that goes back to his childhood; a secret so dark it could destroy his family and brilliant career. Discovered by the wrong people, it would certainly get him killed.

There is only one person who knows about his past, and he is a career criminal who manages a low profile hedge fund, bankrolled by Eastern European mafia money. Michael is safe, but only for as long as he agrees to feed details of his firm’s deals to the fund so it can make millions from insider trading.

The book can be ordered from most independent book stores. For my Canadian readers, signed copies can also be ordered from Tanners Books in Sidney, BC. Kindle and paperback copies can be bought from Amazon by clicking on the following direct links.



My debut novel, THE GENEVA CONNECTION, is an organized crime thriller. Originally published in 2011 by US publisher, Musa Publishing, it has since been updated and re-released. It has attracted considerable media attention, including BBC interviews, newspaper and radio coverage. By the third quarter of 2012, it had entered the top 20 best selling books in the Kindle store at Amazon.com and had made it into Kindle’s top 5 best selling mysteries and thrillers category. The book has topped the Goodreads Best Financial Thrillers List for the past two years.

“The Geneva Connection is a hard-hitting, well-written piece of action-driven fiction, with an attention to detail that James Patterson would be proud of and yet quite different from anything I’ve yet seen…” Celina Summers, Editorial Director at Musa Publishing

“With this page-turner, Bodenham aspires to do for fund managers what John Grisham has done for lawyers.” Corporate Financier Magazine